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Working Closely with the Provider Community

Care Advocates was formed to assist with the continuum of care for group health plan participants. Care Advocates will interact more closely with the provider community to ensure the proper care in the proper setting for the proper length of time. This will help ensure that plan participants receive the care they deserve while getting to return to the comfort of their homes as soon as they are able to do so.

By being involved sooner in the pre-certification process, Care Advocates will have the opportunity to assist in the development and management of care plans through active case management. In doing so, we expect that sponsoring employers will be able to realize greater savings with this approach than with the traditional utilization review approach.

Download Precertification Form

Download Forms for Prior Authorization

Please complete the appropriate form (fillable pdf) and fax it with supporting clinical records to us at 316-928-2539.

Precertification Form

Oncology Treatment Plan Form


To request a Single Case Agreement for an out-of-network provider or for a non-covered benefit exception, please complete a Single Case Agreement Form and fax it to Care Advocates at the number shown at the top of the form.

Single Case Agreement Form

Outpatient Surgical and Imaging Procedures - Site of Service

Guidelines for Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASC) or Imaging Centers


Effective 7/1/20, certain procedures will soon be covered only when performed at Ambulatory Surgery Centers or Imaging Center. For a complete list of codes and descriptions subject to this plan requirement, please refer to the following listings: 

Must be Performed at an ASC      Cannot be Performed at an ASC

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